Incredible benefits of vaping over traditional smoking

Statistics confirm that millions of people use implements of combustions to inhale marijuana. With safe vaping products, you have no reason to put your life at risk. Vaping offers incredible benefits over traditional smoking. To mention a few, they include ensuring you have a fresh breath all day, your health is intact and you do not have to move with the characteristic odor of combusted weed. That said, whether you vape or use other implements of combustion to inhale marijuana this article will shed some light on the benefits of vaping. Most importantly, it may convince you to consider vaping as a safer alternative to smoking.

Why vaping is better than smoking

Lung health

Would you wish to be free from lung complications? Then considering vaping is an Lung healthincredibly good idea. As opposed to smoking, where there is a lot of smoke as result of combustion, this is no so in the case of vaping. In vaping, one uses an already combusted herb. This implies that no harmful carcinogens will be getting to your lungs. Ultimately, you are certain that even as you vape your lungs remain healthy.


It is embarrassing to remove a chunk joint to smoke weed in public irrespective of your status in the society. Nevertheless, many people are in a position of evading this embarrassment due to legal restrictions on smoking. However, with the odor of smoking, you can be sure all people are aware that you smoke. As such, vaping gives you the option of getting high discreetly.


Lung healthDo you wish to have a more potent dose for less? Then vaping will suit you best. Vaping can deliver more as compared to other implements of combusting weed. While smoking your herb, there is usually much loss of the terpenes and cannabinoids. The latter are best in ensuring you get medicinal and psychoactive effects of marijuana. On the other hand, you preserve most of the cannabinoids while employing vape. As such, you have not reason to overlook vaping.

Flavor and aroma

The difference in the flavor of a vaporized herb and a smoked one is like day and night. If you are keen on aroma and flavor then vaping is what you should go for. A vaporized herb has a distinct smell and a less striking smell. This is attributable to the fact that vaporized herbs have fewer terpenes that are responsible for the deep flavor and aroma.…